Bank Computer Awareness

Practice Computer Awareness Questions- Set 8

1. An operating system version designed for use with media Centre PC is Microsoft Windows XP ___. (1) Home Edition (2) Media Centre Edition (3) Tablet PC Edition (4) None of these (5) None of these 2. Press the ___ button to have the window fill the entire screen. (1) close (2) Maximize (3) Minimize […]

Practice Computer Awareness Questions – Set 7

  1. Which among the following is not a security/ private risk? (1) Spam (2) Hacking (3) Virus (4) Phishing (5) None of these 2. When using characters in Windows, what code does a window use? (1) ASCII (2) UNICODE (3) MORSE (4) IDBC (5) WESTRN 3. To avoid the wastage of memory, the instruction […]

Federal Bank Computer Awareness Questions – Set 6

Computer knowledge has become a pre-requisite for any government or corporate job. computer awareness multiple choice questions with answers  for MCA entrance, Federal Bank Officers, Nabard, Clerks 2018 IBPS, SBI Bank PO, Clerk, RBI, Insurance Exam requires good computer awareness. Below given are the sample computer questions and answers for your practice. 1. A device […]

Practice Computer Questions – Set 4

1. Which of the following is part of the system unit? (1) Keyboard (2) Floppy disks (3) Monitor (4) Memory (5) CD 2. Specialized programs that allow particular input or output devices to communicate with the rest of the computer system are called ____. (1) operating systems (2) utilities (3) device drivers (4) language translators […]

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