Array Programs in Core Java

The tutorial provides the commonly asked Java Array Programming questions and answers in the technical interviews. Core Java Array Programs could be related to one -dimensional array programs, two-dimensional array programs , array sorting programs in java, array reverse programs in java, smallest and largest element in an array, odd or even numbers in an array and many more. 

The below given Core Java Array Programs helps in understanding the Java Array Concepts as well as some useful programs which could be asked in technical interviews. Array Programs in Core Java

How to remove duplicate elements in java array program

How to find Minimum and Maximum Array element in java

How to find average of one-dimensional array in java

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How to print ODD and EVEN elements from an array in java

Java array interview program to reverse an array

Program to sort an array and search element in java

Java program to add, subtract and multiply 2 dimensional array

Java program to sort array in ascending or descending order

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How to print an array with prime numbers in java?

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Java program to check if given 2 arrays are equal or not ?

how to initialize an array with Array.fill() method in java ? 

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