List of statewise highest mountain peaks in India in 2023

Highest Mountain Peak in India in 2023

Kangchenjunga, which is 8586 meters high and situated in Sikkim, is the highest peak in India. It is located on the boundary between India and Nepal and is the third highest in the globe. Due to the wide variety of its cultures, languages, and even physical locations, India is a very diverse country. The Himalayas, the world’s tallest mountain range, are located in India. Nanda Devi, Kamet, Saltoro Kangri, and other mountains are among those on the list of the highest peaks in India.

K2 Mountain Peak – Location : between Baltistan and Xinjiang
Height : 8,586 meters
K2 is India’s highest mountain peak lies between Baltistan and Xinjiang. It lies in Chinese administered Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir

Kangchenjunga Mountain Peak- Location: Sikkim
Kangchenjunga is the highest peak in India and the third-highest in the world. It lies on the border between Nepal and the Indian state of Sikkim. The name “Kangchenjunga” means “Five Treasures of Snow,” referring to its five prominent peaks.

Nanda Devi Mountain Peak – Location: Uttarakhand
Height : 7,816 meters (25,643 feet)
Nanda Devi is the second-highest peak in India and is known for its breathtaking beauty. The Nanda Devi National Park, where the peak is located, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kamet Mountain Peak – Location: Uttarakhand
Height : 7,756 meters (25,446 feet)
Kamet is the third-highest peak in India and is part of the Garhwal Himalayas. It is known for its challenging climbing routes.

Saltoro Kangri- Location: Jammu and Kashmir
Height : Approximately 7,742 meters (25,400 feet)
Saltoro Kangri is a peak in the Saltoro Range, which is a subrange of the Karakoram Range. It is located in the Siachen Glacier region.

Sia Kangri- Location: Jammu and Kashmir
Height : 7,442 meters (24,390 feet)
Sia Kangri is a lesser-known peak in the Eastern Karakoram Range of Jammu and Kashmir. It offers a challenging climb for mountaineers.

Mana Peak- Location: Uttarakhand
Height : 7,272 meters (23,858 feet)
Mana Peak is situated near the religious town of Badrinath in Uttarakhand. It is part of the Zaskar Range.

Stok Kangri- Location: Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir
Height : 6,153 meters (20,187 feet)
Stok Kangri is a popular trekking peak in the Ladakh region. It offers stunning views and is often considered a “trekking peak” rather than a technical climb.

Mamostong Kangri- Location: Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir
Height : Approximately 7,516 meters (24,659 feet)
Mamostong Kangri is one of the lesser-known high peaks in the Ladakh region. It is situated in the remote Rimo Muztagh subrange.

Saramati- Location: Nagaland
Height : 3,841 meters (12,602 feet)
Saramati is the highest peak in the state of Nagaland. It is part of the Patkai Range and offers panoramic views of the surrounding region.

Shillong Peak – Location: Meghalaya
Height : 1,965 meters (6,447 feet)
Shillong Peak is the highest point in the state of Meghalaya. It is known for its panoramic views of Shillong and the surrounding areas.

Sandakphu Mountain Peak – Location: West Bengal
Height : 3,636 meters (11,929 feet)
Sandakphu is the highest peak in West Bengal and offers stunning views of the Kangchenjunga massif.

Arma KondaEastern GhatsAndhra Pradesh1680 m
KangtoEastern HimalayaArunachal Pradesh7060 m
Someshwar FortWest Champaran DistrictBihar880 m
Bailadila RangeDantewada DistrictChhattisgarh1276 m
SonsogorWestern GhatsGoa1166 m
GirnarJunagadh DistrictGujarat1069 m
Karoh PeakMorni HillsHaryana1467 m
Reo PurgyilWestern HimalayaHimachal Pradesh6816 m
K2KarakoramJammu and Kashmir8611 m
ParasnathParasnath HillsJharkhand1370 m
MullayanagiriWestern GhatsKarnataka1930 m
AnamudiWestern GhatsKerala2695 m
DhupgarhSatpuraMadhya Pradesh1350 m
KalsubaiWestern GhatsMaharashtra1646 m
Mount IsoSenapati DistrictBorder of Manipur and Nagaland2994 m
Shillong PeakKhasi HillsMeghalaya1965 m
PhawngpuiSaiha DistrictMizoram2157 m
Mount SaramatiNaga HillsNagaland3826 m
DeomaliEastern GhatsOdisha1672 m
Guru ShikharAravalli RangeRajasthan1722 m
KanchenjungaEastern HimalayaSikkim8586 m
DoddabettaNilgiri HillsTamil Nadu2637 m
Doli GuttaDeccan PlateauBorder of Telangana and Chhattisgarh965 m
BetalongchhipJampui HillsTripura930 m
Amsot PeakShivalik HillsUttar Pradesh945 m
Nanda DeviGarhwal HimalayaUttarakhand7816 m
SandakphuEastern HimalayaWest Bengal3636 m

Why K2 is not the highest peak of India ? 

K2 is higher than Kanchenjunga in elevation, but because it is situated in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) territory, it is not regarded as India’s highest peak. The second-highest mountain peak in the world is K2, while the third-highest mountain peak in the world is Kanchenjunga.

Highest Mountain Peak in India – Points to remember

  • Highest mountain peak of India: Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain peak of India with height of 8586m 
  • 2nd highest mountain peak of India: After Kangchenjunga, Nanda Devi is the 2nd highest peak in India and the tallest one that is totally contained within the nation. Kanchenjunga is located at the boundary between India and Nepal. The 23rd-highest peak in the world is Nanda Devi.
  • 3rd highest mountain peak of India:The highest peaks in India can be found in the Karakoram ranges, Garhwal Himalaya, and Kanchenjunga; to name the top three, they are Kanchenjunga, Nanda Devi, and Kamet.

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