Antonyms Verbal Ability for 2024 entrance exam preparation

An essential part of English grammar, antonyms frequently appear in test problems. Antonyms are a great tool for better writing and successful communication.

Antonyms are commonly questioned in competitive examinations and are an important aspect of English grammar. An excellent tool for clearer writing and effective communication is an antonym.

If you’re attempting to expand your vocabulary as well? To improve the impact of your words, get a list of antonyms, or words with opposite meanings. You may hone your language abilities and do well on the verbal ability section by practicing antonym questions.

The practice questions and answers for antonyms are provided below to aid with your comprehension. For competitive examinations in India, such as bank exams, LIC (AAO), RRB, CAT, bank PP, bank clerk, management exams, UPSC CSAT, State PSC Exams, and SSC (CGL, Steno), antonym questions help candidates develop their analytical thinking skills.

Utilising Antonyms in Verbal Learning Tasks

We frequently utilise antonyms in our daily lives. Antonyms  are covered in detail in a specific area of competitive tests. As a result, applicants must adequately prepare for the subject. Work through these practice problems to have a firm grasp of the antonyms that are asked on different tests.

Techniques to learn antonyms

Learning antonyms may be simplified using a variety of techniques. The tips that follow will make learning antonyms easier for you:

  1. A thesaurus is a great tool for finding antonyms. You can usually find a list of synonyms for a term when you look it up in the thesaurus.
  2. Write the target word and its antonym on opposing sides of flashcards to create them. Make regular use of these flashcards for practice and review.
  3. Read sentences or paragraphs that include antonyms to gain an understanding of them in context.
  4. Engage in word puzzles and games such as crosswords, word searches, and Scrabble. Regularly engaging in these activities forces you to think of synonyms and antonyms.
  5. Utilise online tools, such as programs and websites that provide synonyms and vocabulary building

The blog provides the Verbal Ability Antonyms questions and answers for the practice. The Verbal Ability Antonyms questions are quite important and commonly asked question in English Grammar Bank Exams. The Verbal Ability Antonyms questions are required to provide with the opposite meaning to the given word.  

List of 150 Verbal Ability Antonyms words for practice

List of 150 Antonyms words for practice

Identify the correct antonym for the below given words which will help you in solving the English Grammar questions in competitive exams like Combined Defense Services (CDS) , IBPS , RRB, Bank PO exams

Antonyms Verbal Ability questions and answers – Set 1

Antonyms Verbal Ability Questions and Answers – Set 2

Antonyms Verbal Ability Questions and Answers – Set 3

Antonyms Verbal Ability Questions and Answers – Set 4

Antonyms Verbal Ability Questions and Answers – Set 5

Antonyms Verbal Ability Questions and Answers – Set 6


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