List of branches of science – Set 1

The word “Science” is derived from the Latin word “scientia” which means knowledge. The modern science is categorized into 3 major branches as given below

  1. incommunicatively Natural Sciences : biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and Earth science  which study nature
  2. inconclusively Social Sciences : psychology, sociology, economics, history which study people and societies
  3. Formal Sciences : mathematics, logic, theoretical computer science which study abstract concepts
Science Branch Name with “B”Description
Acanthochronologystudy of cactus spines
Acologystudy of medical remedies
Acousticsstudy of sound
Actinobiologystudy of radiobiology
Adenologystudy of glands
Aerobiologystudy of airborne organisms
Aerodynamics study of gases
Aerolithologystudy of aerolites / meteorites
Aeropalynologystudy of pollens and spores in atmosphere
Aeronauticsstudy of navigation
Aerostatics study of air pressure
Agrobiologystudy of plant nutrition
Agrogeologystudy of agrominerals
Agrology study of agricultural soils
Agrostologystudy of grasses
Algedonicsstudy of pain and pleasure
Algologystudy of algae
Anaesthesiologystudy of anaesthetics
Anatomystudy of body structure
Andrologystudy of men’s physiology
Anemologystudy of wind
Angiologystudy of blood
Apiologystudy of bees
Archaeologystudy of human material remains
Areologystudy of Mars
Aristologystudy of art of dining
Aromachologystudy of smell and odor
Arthrologystudy of joints
Astrobotany study of plants in space
Astrodynamics study of motion of rockets and spacecraft
Astronomystudy of celestial bodies and phenomena
Audiologystudy of hearing
Auxologystudy of growth
Avionicsstudy of electronic devices
Science Branch Name with “B”Description
Bacteriologystudy of bacteria
Barodynamicsstudy of support and mechanics of bridges
Barologystudy of gravitational force
Bathymetrystudy of ocean
Bibliologystudy of books
Biblioticsstudy of documents for authenticity
Biologystudy of life
Biochemistrystudy of chemical processes
Biomechanicsstudy of biologicals systems
Biometricsstudy of biological measurement
Biophysicsstudy of physics of biological phenomena
Botanystudy of plants
Bromatologystudy of food
Science Branch NameDescription
Caliologystudy of birds nest
Calorificsstudy of heat
Carcinologystudy of crabs
Cardiologystudy of heart
Carpologystudy of fruit
Cartographystudy of maps and globes
Catacousticsstudy of echoes or reflected sounds
Cetologystudy of whales and dolphins
Chionologystudy of snow
Chirologystudy of hands (manicure)
Chiropodystudy of feet
Chrysologystudy of metals
Climatologystudy of climate
Cometologystudy of comets
Cosmetologystudy of cosmetics
Science Branch NameDescription
Dactyliologystudy of rings
Dactylographystudy of fingerprints
Dactylologystudy of sign language
Deltiologystudy of postcards
Demographystudy of population
Demologystudy of human behaviour
Dermatologystudy of skin
Desmologystudy of ligaments
Dialectologystudy of dialects
Dioptricsstudy of light refraction
Diplomatologystudy of diplomats
Dosiologystudy of dosses
Dynamicsstudy of forces and motion
Science Branch NameDescription
Edaphologystudy of soil
Electrochemistrystudy of relations between electricity and chemicals
Electrologystudy of electricity
Electromagnetismstudy of electromagnetic force
Emmenologystudy of menstruation
Entomologystudy of insects
Entozoologystudy of parasites
Enzymologystudy of enzymes
Epileptologystudy of epilepsy
Eremologystudy of deserts
Eschatologystudy of death
Ethnologystudy of cultures
Ethnomusicologystudy of musical systems
Etymologystudy of origin of words
Ethnogenystudy of origin of races
Science Branch NameDescription
Felinologystudy of felines
Financestudy of money management
Floristrystudy of flowers
Fluid dynamicsstudy of fluids
Fluid mechanicsstudy of fluids behavior at rest and in motion
Fluid staticsstudy of fluids behavior at rest
Fluviologystudy of water courses
Folkloristicsstudy of folklore and fables
Forestrystudy of forests
Fracture mechanicsstudy of cracks in materials
Futurologystudy of future
Science Branch NameDescription
Garbologystudy of garbage
Gastroenterologystudy of digestive system
Gemmologystudy of gems and jewels
Genealogy study of descent of families
Geochemistry study of chemistry of the earth’s crust
Geologystudy of planet rocks
Geoponicsstudy of agriculture
Gigantologystudy of giants
Glaciologystudy of ice glaciers
Glossologystudy of language / tongue
Graminologystudy of grasses
Graphology study of handwriting
Science Branch NameDescription
Hematologystudy of blood
Halieuticsstudy of fishing
Helcologystudy of ulcers
Helminthologystudy of worms
Hermeologystudy of mercury
Herpetologystudy of repltiles
Hippiatricsstudy of horse diseases
Histopathologystudy of changes in tissue due to disease
Horticulturestudy of gardening
Hydrogeologystudy of ground water
Hyetologystudy of rainfall
Hygroscopystudy of humidity

Science Branch NameDescription
Uranographystudy of astronomy
Uranologystudy of heavens
Urbanologystudy of cities
Urenologystudy of rust molds
Urologystudy of urine

Science Branch NameDescription
Venereologystudy of venereal disease
Vexillologystudy of flags
Victimologystudy of victims
Vinologystudy of vines
Virologystudy of viruses
Vitricsstudy of glassware
Volcanologystudy of volcanoes

Science Branch NameDescription
Xylography study of engraving on wood
Xylology study of wood

Science Branch NameDescription
Zenographystudy of Jupiter planet
Zooarchaeologystudy of animal remains
Zoologystudy of animals
Zoogeologystudy of fossil animal remains
Zoonosology study of animal diseases
Zymologystudy of fermentation
Zythologystudy of beer
Zootechnicsstudy of breeding animals
Zoonomy study of animal physiology

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