English Comprehension questions Set 5

The blog provides the Verbal Ability English Compression questions and answers for practice

http://thehistoryhacker.com/2012/02/ Direction: Read the passage and answer the question.

English Comprehension practice question Set 5

buy modafinil online ireland Q1. The word rhapsodical as used in the passage means

(a) plain

(b) unreadable

(c) enthusiastic

(d) uniformed

Q2. “Mona Lisa” is the name of

(a) a beautiful woman who made history in ancient Rome

(b) a famous painting

(c) the artist’s mistress

(d) an art technique

Q3. The truth about the “Mona Lisa” is that it is a study in

(a) feminine psychology

(b) facial expression

(c) feminine form

(d) modeling

Q4. The painter was able to produce that strange smile on Mona Lisa’s face by

(a) delicate changes on the surface of cheeks below the eyes

(b) using bright colours

(c) using a painting knife

(d) looking constantly at a smiling model while painting

Q5. The author of the above passage has examined ‘Mona Lisa’ from

(a) an idealistic angle

(b) an imaginary point of view

(c) a purely artistic angle

(d) a scientific and realistic standpoint

Answers to English Comprehension questions

Q1. (c) enthusiastic

Q2. (b) a famous painting

Q3. (d) modeling

Q4. (a) delicate changes on the surface of cheeks below the eyes

Q5. (d) a scientific and realistic standpoint

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