English spelling and grammar questions for practice – Set 2

Are you finding it difficult to understand the spellings and meanings of difficult English words ?

planforexams provides english spelling and grammar questions for practice with the meanings to make it easy for you to spell and learn.

Practice the English words for Bank Exams , IELTS, TOEFL , GRE , CAT and other competitive exam preparation.

     S. NoWord Meaning How to Spell
1Rebelliousquarrelsome, rebel[ ri-bel-yuhs ]
2Recalcitrantresisting, stubborn[ ri-kal-si-truhnt ]
3Audaciousfearless, gutty[ aw-dey-shuhs ]
4Contumaciousinflexible, mutinous[ kon-too-mey-shuhs, -tyoo- ]
5Brittlebreakable, crumbling[ brit-l ]
6Decrepitfragile, shaking[ dih-krep-it ]
7Apologeticconciliatory, rueful[ uh-pol-uh-jet-ik ]
8Repentantatoning, sorry[ ri-pen-tnt, -pen-tuh nt ]
9Chastenedhumble, objurgate[ chey-suhn ]
10Penitentialattritional, mournful[ pen-i-ten-shuh l ]
11ContriteApologetic, repentful[ kuhn-trahyt, kon-trahyt ]
12Ficklefrivolous, volatile[ fik-uhl ]
13Pabulumnutriment[ pab-yuh-luh m ]
14Unimaginativeprosaic, common[ ih-maj-uh-nuh-tiv, -ney-tiv ]
15Disdaindislike, contempt[ dis-deyn, dih-steyn ]