One Word Substitute practice questions Set 1

The blog provides fully solved Verbal Ability One Word Substitute questions to prepare for bank exams and other competitive exams. 

Directions: Each item in this section consists of a sentence with an underlined word followed by four words or group of words. Select the word or group of words that is most similar in meaning to the underlined word.

Verbal Ability One Word Substitute questions for practice

Q1. Society cannot depend upon a fanatic for guidance.

(a) optimist

(b) martyr

(c) bigot

(d) anarchist

Q2. A busy person cannot waste his time on trivial issues.

(a) unimportant

(b) rude

(c) crude

(d) tribal

Q3. The study of ancient societies

(a) Anthropology

(b) Archaeology

(c) History

(d) Ethnology

Q4. The person who is in charge of museum

(a) Curator

(b) Supervisor

(c) Caretaker

(d) Warden

Q5. A government by educated / high class society

(a) Monarchy

(b) Bureaucracy

(c) Democratic

(d) Aristocracy

Q6. The style full of words

A. Abundant

B. Pedantic

C. Rhetorical

D. Verbose

Q7. Government formed by a King or Queen

(a) Monarchy

(b) Bureaucracy

(c) Democratic

(d) Cummunalism

Q8. Ready to believe

(a) Credulous

(b) Credible

(c) Creditable

(d) Incredible

Q9. State in which the few govern the many

(a) Monarchy

(b) Oligarchy

(c) Plutocracy

(d) Autocracy

Q10. The killing of the father

(a) Filicide

(b) Patricide

(c) Senicide

(d) Lynch

Answers for Verbal Ability One Word Substitute questions

Q1. (c) bigot

Q2. (a) unimportant

Q3. (b) Archaeology

Q4. (a) Curator

Q5. (d) Aristocracy

Q6. (d) Verbose

Q7. (a) Monarchy

Q8. (a) Credulous

Q9. (b) Oligarchy

Q10. (b) Patricide

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