English Grammar Fill in the Blanks Practice Set 1

The blog provides the English Grammar Fill In the Blanks Questions asked in the CDS 2016 English Exam Paper.

Each of the following sentences in this section has a blank space and four words are given after each sentence. Select whichever word you consider most appropriate for the blank space and indicate your response on the Answer Sheet accordingly

English Grammar Fill In the Blanks Questions

Q1. The mounting pressure was so over-whelming that he ultimately _________ to her wish.

(a) yielded in

(b) gave in

(c) cowed in

(d) agreed in

Q2. Gandhiji conceived of the idea of channelizing the powerful currents of the united mass movement so as to give the utmost impetus to the national ________ for independence.

(a) march

(b) conflict

(c) onslaught

(d) struggle

Q3. Creative people are often ________ with their own uniqueness.

(a) obsessed

(b) deranged

(c) unbalanced

(d) dissatisfied

Q4. Authority _______ when it is not supported by the moral purity of its user.

(a) prevails

(b) entails

(c) crumbles

(d) waits

Q5. Because of his _______ habits, he could not save much money.

(a) frugal

(b) unsavoury

(c) extravagant

(d) bad

Q6. In a developing country like India some industries will have to be brought within public _______ and control, for other-wise rapid growth of the economy may be impossible.

(a) perspective

(b) ownership

(c) observation

(d) hegemony

Q7. Speeding and blocking are traffic offences which lead to ________ accidents.

(a) troublesome

(b) final

(c) great

(d) gruesome

Q8. A really sophisticated person would never be _______ enough to think that he is always right.

(a) reverent

(b) naive

(c) articulate

(d) humble

Q9. The robbers fell ______ amongst themselves over the sharing of the loot.

(a) out

(b) through

(c) off

(d) across

Q10. Socrates was _______ of spreading discontent among young men of Athens and of trying to destroy their faith in the old gods.

(a) rebuked

(b) demonised

(c) accused

(d) disparaged

Answers for English Grammar Fill In the Blanks Questions

Q1. (b) gave in

Q2. (d) struggle

Q3. (a) obsessed

Q4. (c) crumbles

Q5. (c) extravagant

Q6. (b) ownership

Q7. (d) gruesome

Q8. (b) naive

Q9. (a) out

Q10. (c) accused